Monday, February 4, 2013

Dear Diary

More Interesting Antique Penny Rugs to Ponder

Seldom do I find this type of penny rug although the information on the website does not say the age of the rug.  Also interesting is the comment this rug is made from mohair.

So much work in this rug!  The basket is made of very small pennies(zoom doesn't seem to work on the site) on a wool(?) background that has been feather stitched into individual squares. 
 This rug is not for a beginner unless those very tiny pennies are cut from wool felt or wool that does not ravel.  It is a simple process of attaching the small pennies with a few stitches in the center.  Do you have a supple of old buttons?   Use this basket design as the main part of the rug design (one large basket).   Instead of using felted pennies, use buttons, perhaps add a few penny flowers and leaves.

I Love This Rug! 
  Such an easy and simple pattern, the fabrics are 
what makes this rug so pleasing.
Trust would not look the same if one used plain black wool and plain coloured wool for the stars. Which brings me to a trick that I use for my rugs.  I never use plain shades of wool. 
When I dye wool I scrunch in the dye pot for a 'mottled effect'. 
Cuting pennies from mottled wool give the 'aged' look to my rugs.  
If I were making this reproduction (and I will be) I would look for wool that is a bit 'tweedy' (men's suits and coats are a good choice) then mottle slightly in the dye pot (this shows as age spots in the completed rug). The base of the rug would be squares sewn together and only then applique the stars.
 More on how to mottle and dye techniques in a later post.

A very nice embroidered rug. 
Any block could be adapted to create an applique rug. 
A basket of flowers, flowers for a border of a rug or use the technique of stitching squares together to
 make the base of a penny style rug. 

I know I have in my bookmarks one very similar to this posted on
 Ebay and it was NOT an Antique Rug. 
It was an 'off shore' rug very similar to those 
antique quilts made in China. 
 When I find the link I will post this one again. 
Of course whether this rug is an antique or repo  
there are still things to learn. The strips of wool stitched together (I've seen penny rug flags made with this technique) and I must say I do love that old fashioned, fat sheep!

Yes, this is a close up of a beautiful quilt done in the Grandmother's Flower Garden design.
Did you know I was a quilt designer before penny rugs?
Quilt patterns are a great place to find inspiration and 
creativity when designing penny rugs.
I wonder if the creators of these beautiful early penny rugs took their
 inspiration from quilt patterns and layouts. 
Quilting along with rug making was a necessity to provide comfort so 
perhaps the two have similar connections.

Notice the pattern in this rug...very similar to
 Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilts.
This is an unusual layout but I have 
(again bookmarked..oh what I would give to be an organized person),
another antique rug in this pattern layout.
I will post again once I find that bookmark. 

I know it is very difficult to see but the bottom penny rug is made from the same shape as the template for
 Grandmother's Flower Garden. 
Did someone write that penny rugs are always made using circles?

Notice the similarities between the penny rug and the hooked rug? 

Can you see a penny rug design?
Early American Designs on Antiques or in
 books are a great source of 
creative inspirations for rug designs both penny and hooked rugs. 

A great example of a Primitive Rug. 
Notice the stitching and the size of the pennies.

Interesting Antique Rug.
Notice the half pennies on the top and bottom edges?
This will be a great example for my penny rug classes.
How would you finish the top and bottom edges of this rug?

Do you forgive me for not posting for almost a week?

My computer was not working again last week and so 
 tech support tells me I need to have the computer re-formated.
I am very lucky to have my very own 'Cee's Tech Support',
my son Lucas, and so...
I spent most of last week saving files and photos and emails and
on and on...and yes, I now confess I am addicted to Pinterest!
Going through many, many bookmarks I would find treasures
 While I'm on the subject of confessions, I also admit I am 
NOT an organized person.
I am so embarrased to say I found within my mail folders 
emails from penny rug people that I had not replied to...
but...and yes this is NO TYPO,
they are from a year ago!!!

That takes 'the life of cee' to the weekend.
Lucas decided to check the connections and it seems 
the computer is now working 
as it was a bad feed from the box outside the house.
So, just in case; I've backed up most of my work and files 
but it was a week of wasted time which seems to be my downfall.
Late Friday I started feeling terrible and was sick throughout 
the weekend with the flu.

As I was pinning and surfing and mostly wasting time last week 
I have looked at many great blogs.
Just as I do with those antique penny rugs I 'disect' to see 
what I like and what I do not like.
I've discovered I do not like fancy fonts.
I've discovered I do not like to scroll, 
and scroll and scroll and scroll 
on one page of a blog.
I have read most people look at photos and
I found this to be true of my browsing.
So, I have yet again 'tweeked' my blog,
and tried again to get the 
'subscribe by email' widget working
I have no idea what is wrong so
I'll keep working with 'Feedburner'.

I have also decided I will host the 
penny rug classes on Yahoo Groups.

I'll post the sign up link once I have everything 
set up and ready to go.

And so goes
A Week in the Life of Cee

Farwell for tonight...time to find something for supper and
well..perhaps I will just check Pinterest again..
just for a few minutes...


Christine said...

Oh my oh my!! Sooooo many wonderful penny rugs! I will have to try to find more time to start one!
Thanks so much for sharing!
Happy surfing!

Lauralee @ The Eclectic Stitcher said...

Thank you so much for posting the eye candy ;o) Love those old antique rugs and look forward to more of your musings (and tutorials!).

Lauralee >^.^<

Jeanne said...

Those are beautiful penny rugs! Thanks for all the eye candy. Looking forward to your tutorial...I have a rug I've never some help would be wonderful.

Colleen MacKinnon; Rag-a-Muffin Collectibles said...

Beautiful rugs and great inspiration! Thanks for sharing your research Cee. You find the nicest rugs.