Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dear Diary,

I was again 'surfing along' when I should be stitching but

Remember this applique rug or quilt I posted yesterday? 
This is for sale at the shop of 'Just Folk' in 
Summerland CA
Price  $12,000.00

This rug sold on Ebay Feburary 3 2013
Winning bid $400.00
autof60 is the seller from
Kiev Ukraine

Not a great photo to show details of the rug
but enough to compare to the rugs above.
The description states..
A beautiful primitive rendition...
Cobblestone Cottage
St. Charles, MO

If the Ebay bidder knew....think they would be upset?
The auction is much less expensive than a new one
but the seller says it is an antique....
A couple blogs also have this image, one from 2011
sold on Ebay. seller: wwolst12

Thoughts anyone????
I really need to start stitching today!!!

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Colleen MacKinnon; Rag-a-Muffin Collectibles said...

Hi there Cee, I understand thatyou're pointing out all the rugs are actually reproductions. Gosh, none are vintage, or for that matter antique! Buyer beware.