Friday, November 3, 2023

It's About Time!

 Dear Diary
It's About Time

I am so very grateful to be
 back again on my Blog.

So much has happened 
since my last post in 2018
a very frightening experience 
with the antidepressant Cymbalta 
led to years of recovery and
 the promise to myself to
 NEVER rely on prescription
 medications to  'be happy'

The finding of Mikhaila Petterson's video
 and the Carnivor diet
was all I needed to recover and find 
my 'love of wool' again.

New name and website .. Old Penny Rugs
 new Facebook Group
The Moths of the Wool Circle Club 
and a new promise to myself.
"Do what you love, 
heal your body with food and
 find joy in what you do each day."

My 'wool joy" comes from a need to create,
 to 'figure things out' 
the 'what if' I do this'... the 'challenge' 
to always do something 'new' and to
learn from what I create and so..
I have never in my life been
 'afraid to be different'.

Just because no one is doing something
 doesn't mean 'I can't do it'.

I love to design most especially adapt the
 antique hooked mats we all love into 
applique and reproduction penny mats.

What I don't like is to reproduce 
what I've already done.

I've made an exception with this mat.

My Dad was the most important influence in my life.  He never attended school,

could not read, no formal education

 yet he was the wisest person I have ever met.

He knew the important lessons 'in life'

 and taught them to 'Daddy's Girl'.

I designed  my History Mat for my Dad

 tracing the ancestry of the 

Slauenwhite heritage to the first settler

who came across the Atlantic

 in 1752 on the ship 'Sally'.

Handwriting on cotton 'tells my story'

 in the back pocket.

Now a very special 'keepsake' 

for Lucas and Avery. 

I have once again done this as kits but 

my choice of wool also had to be special.

A very old 'double length' wool blanket and 

a very old USMC war blanket 

were to be my last 'remake' of my

 Dad's History Mat'

The kits have all sold but the pattern 

will 'live on' in memory of my Dad.

Soon I will offer the full size pattern for

 applique on my website plus..

if you are a rug hooker there will also be a

 larger version for a hooked mat.

I never since I started my 

'penny rug/wool love' creations:

 either purchased or

used another designers pattern and make a mat. The reason...

I do not like the way most patterns are made/printed or the instructions...

I see it.. I can make it.. I can't follow instructions and so.. 

my patterns will be 'as I do and as I work' 

very simple and full size.

As I write this on November 3rd... these patterns are 'in the process' and not yet listed

there to purchase but..

I'm alway late with everything I do so keep checking... there will be more to follow my 

Dad's History Rug Mat

 so check back often..

Happy Stitching and

 'don't ever be afraid to be unique'


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