Friday, January 25, 2013

Dear Diary,

I am very pleased with the look of my new blog.  It has been a long, learning experience and I am such a perfectionist!  I do love the experience and challenge of learning new techniques but the time has come to start stitching rugs and sharing with you, dear diary.  
At times I can write fairly well, today I find words are a challenge and so my start of the penny rug tutorials must wait for next week.
Today I need to tidy up my chore list and brave the bone chilling minus 20F to shop for much needed supplies.  House chores can wait until tomorrow although washing the dishes will be difficult as the pipes are still frozen in the kitchen.
My sweet grandbaby will be here for the weekend so no stitching until Sunday evening when I will finish my little triangle mat. 

 I will enjoy posting to you dear diary as so many of my 'rug ways' are just the opposite of how others teach rug making.  This is a photo of an earlier rug. Larger pennies are stitched first and then the smaller pennies.  I never cut backs to size as size nearly always changes as the stitching continues.  Cutting the base and the border are the last part of the stitching.

This is the finished rug dear diary...not my best design but then again very few of my rugs are to my liking.

One more post for today and then ....burrr!


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Lisa Diane said...

I just HAD to comment on this posting, because I have to say that this last rug you posted pictures of is a FAVORITE of mine!! I love it so much, the random arrangement of greens and browns for the larger pennies and then the gorgeous reds for the top, in a diamond pattern -- it just takes my breath away every time I see it!! I LOVE the picture of just the first pennies, the greens and browns! Your colors are so wonderful, that I would be happy to just have THAT as a rug! :-) Simply beautiful!!