Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pot Shopping at the Thrift Store, Dear Diary

I always like to start a new post with a photo.
Rather than show my old chipped dye pots,
I thought I would show everyone a 
basket rug I made years ago.
I designed the pattern similar to
a very expensive and famous
antique hooked rug.

I stitched the rug intending to 
mount in an antique frame but..
I didn't measure the base to
the frame measurements and so
it was never completed.

On to the dyeing...

Shop the second hand and thrift stores for
pots in all sizes (covers aren't necessary)
I have quite a collection, many more than you 
see in the above photos.
I have the huge navy canner pots(2) and
the huge navy perserving kettle.
The white enamelware as shown.. many 
stainless saucepans, a little iron pot and
the little canner pot shown in the photos.

Why do I need so many pots?
That's for another post.
One or two pots are all you need.

Very Important
The onion 'mother' should be fine in
a pot or cooker you use for food but...
that is it.. go no further with the dyeing unless
you have pots only for dyeing.

A glass something.. measuring cup.. anything
that you can use with hot liquid.
This is the second most important item you
need for dyeing.
Something to stir and move the wool 
around in the dye pot.
A strainer would be nice to 
dump out the wool pot...but
not necessary as you can just
dump the dyed wool in the 
sink or use your hands.
More about that in another post because
I know you are thinking how could
one put hands in the boiling water..
The water is cold.

Coarse salt, regular white vinegar and
the drained 'mother' onion dye.
I have shown my cream of tartar but
I do not use this with the onion dye.

So ladies have fun shopping or
if you have dyeing pots and such
make your 'mother'.
the dye pots are on the stove and
the pennies go in the pots.

Until then...
Thank you for stopping bye
Have a Great Day!


Raggedy Creations said...

Ahhh you keep us hanging on Cee. LOL


Christine said...

I love the basket of flowers you made!
Thanks for the series so far!

Barb said...

I really love your rug. You are so very talented, Cee :)

PS: I have your blog saved in my favorites and I check daily to see if you've posted anything new, because the email enabling feature still doesn't seem to be working :(