Thursday, April 23, 2015

Penny Rug News!

Hello Everyone!
So much has happened since my last posting.
We still have snow although it is very muddy
and dirty patches, it has been a winter to forget!
My worst winter here in the old house since we
moved in 1988.  Housebound and ice build up
which made for leaking roofs was the reason for
the wool bundles listings.
It is very difficult to even think but I do have
too much wool and vintage textiles from my
years as a 'hoarder'. I am starting with the plaids
but will continue with vintage linens, so many
of the old chenille bedspreads, antique quilt scraps,
vintage cottons, not to mention the old books..
oh my the books!

New Kits for April are the Old'n Worn and Old'n Aged
I am very pleased with these kits...I believe in look
and age they compare to the woolens in the Marriage Rug Kits.
They look and feel as if they are 100 years old and that is my
goal with my rugs and create a piece that most would 
believe is an antique. 
 To make the rug simple and easy to reproduce 
in kit for so many will not only 'own' a rug just as my original
but 'make' a rug just as my original and proudly display.
When people inquire about the rug .. and they will..
you will say.. I stitched the rug!
That is where I want to go with this new kit and future kits.

I will not go into details about the new kits as they are in the
 videos and in my Etsy Shop.. 
I have news and happenings to cover in this post
and I do not want to bore you with long readings.

In the next few weeks I will remove all except a few listings and
 sell only on my new website.  New listings will go to the website with
 whatever is left of kits and listings from the
 previous month listing on Etsy.
I do not like Etsy as a format for selling, I will have more control
 from the website with the ability to add video with the listing.

To be aware of new listings I will use my mailing list first and
then post here to the blog and my facebook page.

If you have not received the mailing yesterday and would like
to be added to my mailing list just send me a quick message 

Those on my mailing list will view the items one day ahead of
blog post subscribers.  New items were posted on Etsy yesterday
already half of the 'one of a kind' penny rugs have sold.

I do have two more of my special rugs to list .
Again two favourites that I really did not want to part with but
what does one do with so many rugs?

Hey Kitty Kitty will be listed tomorrow morning in my Etsy Shop.
She is a beauty!
195.00 plus 8.00 shipping

Roosters At Sunrise
will also be listed tomorrow morning in my Etsy Shop
Many, many years ago I published 3 patterns,
 this was the original made for the pattern design.
195.00 plus 8.00 shipping

Both are large rugs and are shown in the new videos I have
recently uploaded.

And finally the last of the new listings for April
are the woolen bundles in three variations of all wool,
wool blends and squares of scraps.
Plaids are to rug hooking what one of those
really old soft army blankets are to us penny ruggers.
These would be a great learning tool for new rug hookers,
how to know a plaid will hook in a rug always amazed me
when I would see those sample charts.
These are great for small projects not to mention 
a very special one of a kind penny rug!

I have left the best news for last!

I will go back to teaching later this year!
My website has the option of a secure area for groups and so
I will be holding a penny rug class on my website along with
kits ONLY for classes.

I also find I do need to change the structure of designing and selling kits.
I find myself spending too much time cutting and packing 
to stitch and make more rugs.
This past winter has been especially difficult with 
Ned and Jake and the Marriage Rug.

I will try something new with the May offerings.
I will only offer as many kits as will be cut from one dye batch.
A dye batch for me is one day filling the top of my stove with
two canner pots of dyed woolens.
Natural dyes 'must' stay overnight in the dye pot.
Depending on the rug design and size will have fewer
kits available in one design and hopefully this will
speed shipping and give me time to create and design more
kits per month which is what I 'really love' to do.

Whew.. long post..perhaps with lesser amounts and more
creations to show, I also will blog more and write less!

Thank you everyone for staying with me to read to the end..
I do ramble..
I also would like to thank everyone for the wonderful compliments
and comments here on the blog, through personal emails, 
Etsy and Facebook.
I am not comfortable living in cyberspace...still a flip phone and
full size computer for this girl and so sometimes I do miss replies and
other things.. this is me.. I'm working on being organized and 
aquiring one of those pad carry around devices .. 
bits at a time 'to do's' and
less time to talk to type as they do these days..
amazing technology..

Happy Stitching to All
Next post (fingers crossed)  
The New Website



marie said...

Cee, no shame in a flip phone, I have one. I use it for emergencies not to "play". The new phones are a waste of time. It has been come a extension of peoples arms, and forgotten manners. Sorry for my rant. Just wanted you to know that you don't have to say your sorry for the appliances you use.

Nancy in MT said...

Hi Cee, I so enjoyed your latest videos. I'm ready to start stitching those 100 tongues. I really love the wools in this Marriage Rug. I'm glad to be on your mailer and look forward to the website.

I like living simply so I don't have a cell phone, just a land line, but I do need a computer to stay connected to the outside world.

Have a great weekend,