Friday, June 27, 2014

New and Old Penny Rugs

My Favourite Penny Rug

I have only stitched two triangle rugs, I need to do more!
I am always learning from my rugs and 
with this one I have discovered a secret to create the 
old and aged look I so love.

I dye my pennies 'after' they are cut.
They sometimes change shape
(antique rugs seldom have perfectly round pennies)
they also fray and I just stitch  keeping
the frayed edges.

I am getting so much better at doing 
imperfect stitching and
absolutely love doing those
tiny cotton bindings!

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Only a few of the Candle Mat Kits are left
Each kit will make the two candle mats as shown above
Kits include vintage woolens, hand dyed in my
signature 'Old and Aged' look
dyed cotton string threads and
age-dyed hand cut pennies.
Instructions are in video format ONLY
A great little kit for the beginner

$36.00 plus 8.00 shipping
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A very unique antique rug.
The pennies are attached to the base
by a center stitch.
This rug is currently on auction at 
the site above.

Imagine the time that went into
this beauty
those very small blanket stitches!

I wonder if each penny was 
blanket stitches and
then layered or
the stacks were made and
then attached to the base...

No is a very
beautiful rug!!

Thank you Ladies for reading and your support.
Have a Wonderful Weekend!