Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The New Avery Penny Rug Kits

Averys Teardrop and
Averys Favourite Penny Rug Kits

Dedicated to my beautiful grandchild
Avery John William Rafuse
My son Lucas will also have an
applique kit in his name in the
coming weeks.
Lucas and Avery are the two most
important people in my life.
Avery is always ready to help Nannie
dye her wool and his dad
cuts the pennies.

It has been a bit of a struggle 
with the finish of these two kits,
My love is the design process and stitching,
not in video production
I do need to refine my process and production
 because I havemany kits planned in the future.

These are now available on Etsy
 for purchase for a limited time.
Once a new kit or set of kits are available
 these will be discontinued. 

Click here to 
purchase your very own
Avery Penny Rug Kit

The Avery Rugs have very detailed
 video instructions on Youtube
In the introduction video 
you see the size and style of the
 Avery Penny Kit Rugs plus
a sneak peak at my next
Christmas Penny Stockings Kit

In this video I demonstrate
the layout of the pennies
in both kits

Yes I do need to master the skills of 
video production
I apologize for the poor quality.
In this video I demonstrate 
my way of doing the 
blanket stitching to 
look old and aged.

Since I cannot seem to upload
a video more than 
15 minutes long, this is 
Stitching Part 2

In this video I demonstrate
a new technique to finish the
cotton base without stitching.

I do ramble on and on and yes
over the 15 minute limit so
this is Part 2 of
Finishing the Cotton Base

The next set of videos are separated for
each rug to finish stitching
the last row of the kit

These are the two videos to complete
your teardrop rug.
I show the placement of the
teardrops and detail instructions
on how to stitch the teardrop pennies.

These two videos show the finish to
Averys Favourite Rug.
Adding and stitching the final row
of pennies to the cotton base.
This rug is suitable for a beginner and now
replaces my previous candle mats kit.

I hope you have enjoyed a peek at
the process of making Averys Rugs
and I hope you may have
found a few hints or tips to
help your penny stitching.

I am very excited to start the design
process again ...the stockings,
a few applique, a tongue rug
 and more are on the way.

I am in the process of starting a mailing list
 for new items, if you would like to 
subscribe or have any thoughts or 
questions please contact me 

Thank you everyone


ronda at simple thyme prims said...

Wow Cee!! another glorious piece! .. two beautiful men in your life for sure!

Have a great day..


Farm Girl said...

This is so beautiful. You have such a beautiful family. I really like this rug. I can't wait to watch your video. I think you do such a wonderful job. I watch them still over and over. It is like sitting there having you teach me.
So glad you posted again.

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a handsome son and grandson!!!
Love your new penny mats and I look forward to watching your videos. I learned so much from the others you shared. THANK YOU!
Hugs :)

Mary said...

Cee-Loved your blog post. So glad that you such special family member to inspire and help you!!!! And wow on the new kits!!!!! LOVE them! Have a wonderful day and thanks again for sharing! -Mary

Nancy in MT said...

Such handsome men in your life and your latest rugs are gorgeous. I admire your work.

Bobbie said...

Love your penny rugs...just placed an order! I am so grateful that you take the time to make these videos...they are a joy to watch and learn from!