Sunday, July 20, 2014

Candle Mats Kit Videos

THE BAD..and

I have managed to find more wool.. very similar colours
to the kit rugs..I am now cutting a few more kits.
If after watching the instructional videos
you would like a kit 
please message me

Oh my goodness, where to begin..
hurricanes, heat, summer colds, technology,
and I won't even mention
the big batch of onion dye that  went wrong..

The Videos..
I have tried every possible way.. 
test after test video and
I cannot seem to upload a
 good clear video
and so the instructions are
 there in five parts..
Start with Video 1
and finish
with Video 5

I welcome your feedback
questions and
of course I am
here to help with
any problems in
finishing the kits.

More kits in the works and
a I am cutting pennies for
a few extra of these
Candle Mats today.



Rugs and Pugs said...

Thank you so very much. Your You Tube videos are excellent. I've done a couple penny projects, but you've helped me with the problems I've had starting and stopping. I learned so much!!!
Hugs ;)

Tina McFadden said...

Cee, Your videos are awesome!!!!! I can't wait until the kits are ready so I could order one. Tina

Doreen said...

The video is wonderful. I look forward to ordering a kit when they are ready.

Can you tell me where I might find the remainder of the video's and where I will be able to purchase a kit...if you have time :)..thank you so much, doreen

Kim said...

I am also interested in buying one of your kits. Love the beautiful wool!!!!

dogwoodfarm said...

Cee, your kit and videos are just perfect!
Thank you so much!

Farm Girl said...

I just happened in and I love that video, I have always loved those kinds of penny rugs but I had no idea how to even go about it. I am going to find the rest of this. Are your kits available now?

Farm Girl said...

Dear Cee,
I just wanted to tell you how much I love the kit you made. I did a post on the kit today. I guess I should have told you first. I hope that is okay. I was so impressed with the quality and the colors and I can't wait to get started.
Thank you so much, Oh, my blog is