Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Kits for May

The 'best-laid plans of mice and 'cee' 
often go awry.

My website is 'on hold'
What was I thinking??
The perfectionist that I am,  would never
be content with anything but complete
control ..and so it is back to learning
about HTML and  gradually
working on the new site over
the summer months.

And so.. new kits are now listed 
in my Etsy Shop.

I have finally caught up with past work.
It has been a struggle with the 
Marriage Rug and the
Old'n Aged/Worn kits.

Kits and orders are shipped and 
on their way ..videos are 'live' for
the kit instructions.

I take pride in my work and in
delivering a quality and simple to
stitch and understand product.
One that will look as close to
the original as possible.

I thought you may enjoy seeing what
happens 'behind the scenes'
with the making of the kits.

Not all kits are this 'labour intensive' but
most involve hand cutting pennies, tongues,
bases, dyeing wool once or twice.
setting out each and every order,
packing and finally shipping.
Over the last two months I have
hand cut thousands of pennies 
and tongues, dye pots most every day
and long hours most days.
I enjoy each and every minute!
I'm ready to do it all over again
for the new 
May Kits!

I have had many requests to
bring back a beginner design
 Candle Mat Kit

I have not one.. but two
this month.
A Large Candle Mat Kit
with the same amount of stitching
as the two mats kit in
darker shades highlighted by
several shades of browns with
the top penny.
This one has something new..
Knotted in each penny center as
the old knotted quilts.

The second kit is very similar to the 
original kit a year ago.
Two little mats but with a larger
top penny design in a hit and miss
shading of muted, soft age dyed colours.

Both kits have the same amount of stitching
and are very easy to make up if you
have never made a penny rug.

My videos are there and so am I
to help you complete your first rug.

The 'main' learning kit' this month is my
Grandmother's Flower Garden Rug
A kit designed with a base of 
2 inch pennies.
Large rugs are of course the same process
as the smaller rugs but a few
tips and tricks make these larger
rugs easy and simple to stitch.

This will be the learning videos for June.
I will go through a step by step
video series dealing with these
larger rugs.
I am 'totally pennied out' and so
I am offering a simple to 
'dye, cut and pack'
for me as a 2 inch rug kit this month
so you can stitch and follow the videos.

This is an excellent rug design to 
learn the makings of a large penny rug.
It only 'looks' complicated.

I would like to thank my family
Lucas and his Dad will be 
cutting the pennies for these kits.

My family has also cut 
thousands of plaid pennies just for you.

Left over scraps from the wool bundles
became pennies of many plaids.

A lifetime of collecting plaids and
a great idea to add to your plain
pennies and woolens for
not only an amazing 
'one of a kind'
penny style rug but also
for smaller projects with
plain woolens.

If you have purchased the previous
package of cut pennies 
these will work well as they
were all dyed with the same process.

and finally...

As I have previously mentioned 
I did not want to stitch another
of the 
Marriage Rugs 
to use in the instructional videos.
Instead I dyed vintage plaid lap blankets
(what will I do with those fringes)
to stitch the Plaid Tongue Rug
as shown above.

The videos are finished and the 
Plaid Kits are ready to go.
This has two rows, less stitching
but still a beautiful and unique rug.

I have used the onion dye and
hand/water pressing technique 
to finish the rug.
It does make such a difference as
the photos show of this rug.

Next month...
definitely applique designs
I'm 'pennied out'!
I hope you enjoy!

I would also like to wish everyone a 
Safe and Happy Memorial Day

We in Canada had our long holiday
weekend last week.

Thank you also for your
patience with emails and 
long shipping wait times
plus all other ways I am 
continously behind 
day after day.

I am an organized perfectionist living
in an unperfect disorganized life.

But.. I'm trying each and every day.

Happy Stitching and
Have a wonderful weekend
with your family and



moosecraft said...

As always you are offering some gorgeous designs! I am absolutely in love with Grandmother's Flower Garden!!! Truly a beautiful piece to treasure! Your kits and lessons are well worth waiting for... take your time as you always deliver the best! :-)

Donna K. from N. Texas said...

Wonderful designs.

Donna K. from N. Texas said...

Wonderful designs.