Monday, November 16, 2015

Just a bit longer...

And the first kits of the wool log cabins will be ready.
This IS NOT the log cabin quilt kit.

I had such fun working up the design I thought 
I would make a few 'smalls' with the log cabin
wool technique.
So very simple, everything will be cut for you.
Open your package, follow the numbered template,
thread your needle and stitch!

I will be doing the step by step
instructions here on my blog.

Of course there will be pot holders...
I love the antique pot holders from patchwork but
at 100 dollars and up for one ..
I'm making my own!

These are not yet bound and pressed but
I am pleased with them.

I will not be listing these on Etsy
when they are ready to go.
They will go to my mailing list first
and then here on the blog.
These kits will be difficult to judge 
combined shipping which I would
need to do with an Etsy listing and so
I will do these kits with sending a 
paypal invoice.
If there are kits left,
I may add a few to my Etsy Shop and
then refund the extra postage but
I cannot do that with a large quantity of orders.
Way too complicated for my simple math skills!

It has been a very stressful three weeks!
I unfortunately came down with the nasty cold/flu
that is making the rounds.
Secondary infection and three weeks of feeling terrible
has pushed the Mamie, Matilda and Dee kits a 
week late in shipping.
Everything else is up to date and in the post.
The remaining orders will be finished in a few days
and in the post.

Recently I have had many requests to sell only patterns.

It is really something I do not want to do,
I would like at this point to just design
a limited amount of  kits 
 and then design again.

Most of my designs come with patterns attached
with freezer paper and you already have the pattern.
along with your kit.

You may make more of my design to sell the finished
item or for your own use but 
please, please I ask you give me credit as the designer
of the pattern.

And I have learned a very important lesson
from last months kits.

Of course, it did have much to do with not feeling well
but I have found bringing kits back 
a second time around is pure 'drugery' for me.
No fun, nothing exciting, just endless 
cutting, cutting and cutting
packing and packing.

Thank goodness I could play with
the new log kits!

And so this is the last time designs will come back.
Once they are sold and/or a 
new design takes their place they are 
and will be forever retired.

I  have left the listings up for last month 
in my Etsy shop but
they will be retired in a few days when 
the logs are ready to go.

So.. absolutely last chance for the
Marriage Rug
Christmas Stockings
Mamie, Matilda and Dee
Heart'n Hands and
The Salmon Rug

My thoughts..
I want to play with my log cabins now!

I will be very pleased not to cut more of those
leaves and hands.

I will wait a few days if anyone doesn't want
to miss on these kits and please remember
the two to three week shipping times.
I really want to play with my logs now!

Thank you everyone for your patience and kind words.
Next post will be the instructions for the
log cabin technique.

If you would like frist chance at the
log kits please 
with your email address 
to be added to my mailing list.

the kits will be there for a few days
however if you would like a 
break on shipping just message 
at the above email and I will
invoice you throught paypal.

Oh my.. time for more meds..
Have a wonderful week everyone!!

Happy Stitching!


Farm Girl said...

What lovely kits you have. You know since I opened my Etsy story I understand all of this so much. I would love to be able to buy one of these kits and just sit and stitch, but because of my rug hooking business, I do very little sewing now I just hook and hook and mail and the same things you said. :) I love my customers, but I do miss the days of designing and just working on my own things. Your log cabins are wonderful.
Thanks so much for the update, I hope you have a complete recovery.

Patti said...

Can't wait for the logs :)I am really looking forward to trying both the log cabin and the potholders! Looking forward to your mailing!
Blessings, Patti

Jennie in GA said...

Sorry you are still under the weather. I have always said it is very hard to balance business with your art form. Don't stifle your incredible creativity.

She Seeketh Wool said...

Oh Cee, my dear friend. Feel Better!!! Hope all else is well, miss chatting with you, but being busy and sick at the same time doesn't allow it. We'll talk soon. xoxoxo


Rugs and Pugs said...

Feel better soon!
Hugs ;)

Sue Tokash said...

Hope you feel better soon. Looking forward to the log cabins.