Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dear Diary,

I finally discovered how to insert 
a 'clickable link' within my photos on the blog.
This is very important when your photos are pinned to Pinterest.
Without a link the pin goes only to your
 blog image file and that is a
 major 'no no' if you are gathering images from websites.

Pin this rug from Skinner's Auctions

While browsing for the History of Penny Rugs,
I found  two Antique Rugs
Very similar patterns
I would love to know the history of this pattern,
why they are so similar and
if they were stitched by the same rugmaker.

Click here to read 

Another Pinterest Tip
I found this great tip by accident.
 My pins are for reference and so
I want as much information on the pin as possible.
Before you hit the 'Pin It' button on your browser,
right click and highlight the information on
the webpage for your pin.
Click 'Pin It' and the description box automatically will show
your highlighted text.
Pin to your board.


Lisa Diane said...

Thanks for the Pinterest tips! I'm a little bit technologically-challenged myself, so every little trick you can share is GREATLY appreciated! LOL

These two rugs are lovely! You are right, they are VERY similar....almost like the same bird "template" was used! How interesting!! I would love to see how you would design a rug based on these....!!! :-)

Barb said...

I found you via Lisa's blog. I LOVE your rugs and style. I'm looking forward to reading your blog posts and seeing your creations. You truly are an inspiration. I hope you can enable the email feature to follow your blog--it would be like Christmas to find your post in my email :)

Cee Rafuse said...

Thank you Lisa and Barb,
Blogger seems to have a mind of its own today, I see comments on the blog and did not before. I'm going in to 'tweet' a few things and Barb I will check why the email isn't working..then try a new posting.