Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ned and Jake Have Arrived

Ned and Jake are finally ready to go!
This will be my largest kit to date and
one that will show many
new techniques.

It was adapted from an antique rug
and we so love those
one of a kind
antique beauties!

What many of you may not know;
those rugs tell a story.
The meaning of the rug could
be very simple.
The lady needed warmth on the floor,
or she wanted to remember.
A special time in her life,
special pets and animals
or just the beauty of colour
in her otherwise sparse
winter home.

The rug also shows her skills
at design, at dyeing wool
and at making her craft.

Some of the most favoured and
exceptional folk art rugs were
made by the unskilled hand.
The making out of need 
instead of the joy of making.

Ned and Jake's story and more photos
are on my website

Stitched from pride by an
unskilled needlewoman,
The story lies in the details
which I talk about in the 

Ned and Jake although they may
look complicated are very simple to stitch.
Most of my kits are like a
'sew by numbers' kit.

I wanted to do something for those
stitchers who love to emblish with
more complicated stitches 
and so..
My 1899 Basket kit is for you!
It is a design that we create together.
My design and your creative touches.

Both kits are now listed in my

I do apologize as this is a rushed post,
I have been burning the midnight oil
with Ned and Jake
wanting to have the kits live 
before Christmas week
when I can finally spend a
few days with my family
and friends.

Please remember once these kits are sold 
and a new kit is ready
Ned and Jake are no more as well as
1899 Basket Cushion.
I will not be doing a pattern for 
Ned and Jake or
the 1899 Basket

As to new kits...
oh my my mind whirls with 
excitement and I am anxious
to start in the new year.
I absolutely LOVE 
the part where I can
design and it comes
together in a good piece.

Yes January will bring
to you a 
Pen Wiper Rug Kit
Perhaps not exactly as the 
one above but in this design.

Another kit will be back
to the penny circles again.
A rectangle penny rug and
it is not an easy design to make
a rectangle from circles!

I have always wanted a pair 
of the very old fashioned
big pot holders.
The antitques bring prices
of over a hundred dollars
for one and so..
From my antique and
vintage quilts and
my woolens..
a kit will be availabe 
in January.

Again I sincerely apologize, 
I have ready your wonderful
comments and thank you
so much for your kind words.

One of my many resolutions for
this new year is to
be more organized on the 
computer and with 

May each and every one have a 
Wonderful Holiday Season
New Year.

I am beyond grateful for your support
and kindness this past year.
I honestly do not believe my work
is special or I have any great talent
with rug making.
It is just experience of 20 years
of trial and error.
I am deeply honoured that so many 
of you are enjoying my work
I am very proud to have a bit of
'me' that we can create together.

Thank you Everyone
Merry Christmas!



moosecraft said...

Beautiful designs and gorgeous woolens! Thank you so much for offering "authentic vintage style" kits for us to enjoy making! Love your videos too!

Nancy in MT said...

Cee, I had to rush over to Etsy to order Ned and Jake. I am so looking forward to watching your video in creating this wonderful rug. Your work is special and unique.

Merry Christmas,

Merry Wind Farm said...

Ned and Jake is so pretty, as is the flower basket. I have hooked the rug that this is based on. Merry Christmas to you!