Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Woes of a Rugmaker

The Ned and Jake Kits
have 'finally'
made it to the post.
I now expect a bit of
trouble with a kit
not enough wool dyed
sore hands and so on..
It is the life of a rugmaker
I say to myself
I really surprised myself
with Ned and Jake
One of those times when
you wonder..
did I really do this?
Yes, apparently I did.
When I started packing the kits
32 of Ned and no Jake!

Oh my goodness!
What to do?  I thought just
draw more templates on the 
freezer paper and iron to
Ned with Jakes name.
Yes that should work!
It does not..

And so.. new wool was dyed
I never 'exactly' match shades
on different dye batches so
16  new 'sets' of Ned and Jake 
were cut before I could ship
the orders.

I still was ahead of shipping except..
at the same time as I discovered 
I would need to dye more wool
we had a very nasty cold front move
in and the water pipes froze in the
old house.
I am very keen on doing my
rugmaking in the olden ways
but I do draw the line at 
melting snow to dye wool!

And so.. between the frozen pipes
plus coming down with a nasty
infection again and on antibiotics..
Ned and Jake shipped last week.
Most were shipped on Wednesday and
orders after the holidays were shipped
on Friday.

After the Ned and Jake woes
I decided to clean and clear the 
sewing room to start
the New Year

Baskets were overflowing of
extra dyed wool from the kits and
miss tint shades that I could not 
use in the kits.

Lucas is now cutting into pennies
Bless My Son!
I also dyed a few batches of string 
to sell along with the pennies.

I have had so many emails and messages
asking when will I have a new 'penny' kit
similar to the Averys and the
Candle Mats.

I thought this was a good compromise
as I really want to do the pen wiper
and more applique rugs.

And so.. with these pennies and string
you can follow along with the videos
to create your own designs.

Hit and Miss Penny Rugs are very easy
and speak to the true history of rugmaking.
Using Up and Making Do

Below are some examples of
Hit and Miss Designs in
my previous rugs.
These are the types and looks
in rugs which could be created
with the cut penny package, now listed.

The Hit and Miss Pattern is
created by using as many 
'single ' shades of wool
in one design.
The more colours in the rug 
the better the look.
Several shades the same can be
used in the rug but not close together.

The bags of pennies have many, many
colours and shades of colours but...
with my woolens just as when I 
design a kit.. because of my dye
process all colours, all shades
go together and work.
No Fail Rugmaking!

I have used two strand embroidery floss
and plaid pennies with this rug.
Although I have not used plaids in the kits
Some neutrals will be included in the
Penny Packages now Listed

This little mat uses a larger top penny
but the layout and shades could be
made from the pennies in this package.
The center is knotted with red yarn.
Three french knots from the dyed string 
could also be used in the center penny.
The videos from the Avery Rugs shows
how to stitch the open border penny
on cotton base.. the woolen base
open penny border is shown in
the Candle Mats Videos. 

Everyone seems to like the triangle layout.
This one is stitched with a feather stitch
instead of a blanket stitch
Just as the stitching with Ned and Jake

Another Hit and Miss layout with
the feather stitching.
The video will be posted while
working on Ned and Jake
how to do the small bindings
on penny rugs.

The photos of the last two feather stitched
rugs are shown brighter than they
actually were..since they are
sold I have no other photos.

This rug is almost finished..
notice the needle and thread
I've included because it is a 
great front on photo for use
as a placement chart to 
layout this design.

This is a Hit and Miss on a 
dark wool base with
a crochet edge in
 wool yarn.

This is a very tiny candle mat
using only the smaller circles
and a french knot center.

And finally..
this is the sample mat from the 
Candle Mats Kit
Size appr: 8 inches

The 500 Count Bag of Pennies
would make 13 of these
little Hit and Miss Mats!

Or use for a larger rug and
follow the layouts in the above photos.

I have the bowl sitting on my
step stool as a reference
to the size and amount
of pennies and threads.


Still a few more Ned and Jakes and
1899 Basket along with
Pennies and String Thread

Click HERE
to go to my Etsy Listings.

Click HERE
to watch my You Tube
Step by Step 
Video Tutorials

As always I am here
to answer any questions..
sometimes a bit late but 
I always answer.. and so
is the life of a 
Rugmaker and Nannie!

Long post today
Time to put another log on the fire
Burrrrr.. it is cold in NS today

Thank you Everyone!
Stay Warm and
Happy Stitching


Rugs and Pugs said...

Your work is just beautiful. I love each and every one of your mats and look forward to your new tutorial on the bound edge.
I can't wait to receive Ned and Jake. Now finding time to stitch it is another story.
FYI - your link to your Etsy shop in the body of your blog did not work for me but the link on your sidebar did.
I hope your weather improves soon. We have had two days of above freezing temps. So sorry about your frozen pipes. It's always something...sigh.
Hugs :)

dee said...

Cee, I enjoyed reading your email and now feel so blessed my life has been dull and uneventful. I still do not understand where you get your energy and determination. I would have just felt defeated to endure all you went through, but I am so glad you got through it all and have so many wonderful pennies cut, along with the string.

Hope the next couple of winter months are kinder to you. Bless you and please take care of yourself. Love you, Dee

Colleen MacKinnon; Rag-a-Muffin Collectibles said...

Happy New Year Cee, it can only get better from here. Keep stitching and posting, it's good for the soul. You are one determined woman and I admire you. Thanks for the great post showing all the things to do with mismatched pennies. Loving your little mats so much! God Bless Lucas and your family. Big Hugs, Colleen

Nancy in MT said...

I hope you are feeling better. Your Lucas is an angel to be of such a help to you. I enjoyed seeing all your penny rugs and am especially taken with the one on your stool, unique and gorgeous. I'm looking forward to receiving Ned and Jake. Thrilled to see your listing for the string threads and have order some for my own projects.

take care,

susiedele said...

Can hardly wait to run my fingers through my 500 pennies. :-) I figure if I don't get them sewn soon they'll look great in my wood bowl like you've shown. Looking forward to the video, too, of how you do the bound edge.

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Hello Cee..I'm new to your blog. I have many pieces of wool in the basket too, so I will follow along and make the wool pennies. I LoVe the colors you use. Your designs are gorgeous! I am looking forward to going into your older posts and getting to know you. Have a wonderful week.
Hugs Marg.

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

I was just in your You Tube tutorial and it is so well illustrated! Thank you for the great directions to make the penny rug!