Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Marriage Pen Wiper Kit

It has been a long time since I have felt 
I designed a good rug.
Most of my rugs are to me
simple and ordinary,
little in the way of challenge.
I  love to do large rugs
and rugs that 'tell a story'.
Also, it seems being a 
Nannie, most of my
designs in some way
connect to my sweetheart 

Last summer he loved ice cream
He now prefers strawberries.
I love to take him shopping and
he always has an overnight stay
at least once a week.
I hope  he always will remember
the wonderful times we 
share together.

I remember my Nannie and Grampie
They will be with me forever.
I wanted to have Avery and Lucas
know about my special times,
my family long gone
and my special stories.

I always say I had a Waltons 
childhood of one.
Only child, only grandchild.
My Grandfather worked a
sawmill and blacksmith shop.
My Grandmother owned the 
little country store in our
small community.

I remember the fire in the forge,
the huge wet stone grinding wheel,
Vinegar and molasses in a 
keg and you bring your own
Flour and sugar in cotton bags.
The huge scales and the
old tin tobacco box
that served as the cash register.

My Grandparents lived
 in an old farmhouse.
No running water, electric appliances,
television and one closet where
clothes from my Aunt and Uncle
who had passed on was cherished.

I played dress up with those 
wonderful old wool coats and hats.
I learned to 'draw' water
 from the well.
I snuggled in under a thick
layer of worn quilts in my
Mother's pink bedroom.
I slept many nights in
her iron bed with the 
straw mattress reading
Nancy Drew and
Perry Mason 

I also filled the walls of the
pink bedroom with 
Beatle posters!
The posters stayed until
my Grandmother passed
and the house was

I do not want my Grandparents
forgotten with me and so..
I decided to design this 
Marriage Pen Wiper
for my Lucas and Avery
and in kits that will be
personalized to your
'Special Memories'.

The rug tells the story of
the marriage in 1910
and the families that came
from their marriage.

Each tongue applique 
represents someone in our family
that now will be remembered 
another generation or two.

Initials and dates
I'm sure most viewing the rug
will ask..
the meaning of the letters and dates..
and so ..
the rug then tells the story.

I will at some point do a photo
album to go with the rug.
Initials and dates to photos.
Short stories of my 

Lucas will display the rug in his home.
His friends will ask the story.
They will say..
Avery will say..
"I can show them Daddy"
This is Nannie
This is Gampie
This is Mommie
This is Daddy
This is Daddy's Nannie
and Grampie
and this is Nannie's
Grampie and Nannie
and this is 'Me' 

My memories and stories 
will be safe for many years to come.
It's a good rug!

It is the New Kit
for March
The Introductory Video
explains order information and
also shown is another little
penny rug kit this month.

Both kits are now listed on

Please have a peek at the video 
before your purchase.
The Pen Wiper may be ordered
in three styles and also
a brief overview of 
the construction.
Of course..
a start to finish set of
videos will be available
with the pen wiper kit.

I hope you enjoy the new kits
Thank You Everyone
Stay safe and warm



Farm Girl said...

This is so beautiful Cee. I love the colors and the shape, but the story behind it just touches my heart. I love what you put into it and I am so excited to watch another one of your videos.
I have them on my phone and when I am sitting waiting for an appointment I watch them. Watching you sew and make rugs, just fills me with such peace. I really do love both kits. From the kit I bought from you I had left over pennies, and it has been my constant companion sitting waiting for appointments.
I do love your kits. This one is just perfect. Thank you.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Love, love, love your rug and even more the story behind it.
You are so talented. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
Hugs :)

dee said...

Oh Cee, your rugs are so beautiful, but my eyes were on that precious Avery. He is the cutest little guy I have seen since my boys were babies. I just want to reach out and HUG him; you are so blessed; we both are... Love you, Dee

Rhonda said...

Hi Cee
Absolutely stunning!! What a beautiful idea. You are so talented. Will email soon.

Dogwood Farm said...

I love it Cee!! What a wonderful simple life your grandparents shared and special memories for you.
Avery is so so adorable!!!!

Nancy in MT said...

Cee, you have created a work of art. I love that it tells a story. I,too am glad that you continue to share your creative talents with us. I can't wait to start mine and tell my story.

Nancy in MT

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

For starters... Avery is positively adorable. Lucky you!

Your rug is stunning. I am putting it on my 'Wish List'... I need more experience before I can tackle a project of this magnitude. I have much history that I could add to it and pass on to future generations. Best not to wait too long.

Thanks for sharing your amazing talent, Peace to all, Barb

moosecraft said...

Absolutely beautiful! And little Avery is a cutie pie! Such a sweet smile! :-)
Thank you so much for taking the time to make the videos you have been making! Sometimes it is so difficult to explain by words only how to do a certain step... I'll watch the newest video later today and hope there is a kit remaining ... have a wonderful day!

Lori said...

What a beautiful family rug and the video is a bonus!