Friday, January 23, 2015

Ned and Jake Videos are Live!

Ned and Jakes have been
arriving in your post or
will soon.
Thank you everyone for your
wonderful emails and comments
on the kit.
I do love my old wool and
creating the look of
an antique rug.

Ned and Jake Videos are now
on Youtube
Part 1 
The contents of the kit and
how to stitch the base of
the rug.

Ned and Jake
The Stitching
Part 2
The charm of Ned and Jake
is partly the stitches..
primitive feather stitching 
many of you have 
commented you have 
not feather stitched before.
This is a perfect rug to begin.

do not go together in my designs.

This video may help with 
the feather stitching.

Once the base is stitched 
it is now time for
Ned and Jake

Ned and Jake
Part 3
The Applique

I encourage you to 
personalize your rug
with your own names
and date.
It will then become
'our' design and
a very special rug
'just for you!'

Two more videos next week.
Binding the Rug
Ageing the Rug

These will of course apply to the
Ned and Jake kits 
but also to penny and other
applique pieces.

The Pennies and Aged String
will be shipped next week.

Lucas is just finishing up a 
few special colours
to add to the packages.

Very few left in my 

Week of January 25th
will probably be the end of 
Ned and Jake
The Aged Pennies and
1899 Basket


I hope to have the new kit
ready to go by the end of
next week..

It is not this Pen Wiper
I needed a challenge
and so it will be
a brand new design...
very old and aged look
I am hoping it will be
a design where no one
that purchases the kit
will stitch the exact
same rug.
That part of the 
design is still 
'in the works'

I do know it is going to be
Old, Aged,

It will be a fun week...
Lucas will be here most days 
working on the pennies and
I will be stitching the new 
Pen Wiper Rug.

What more could a Mom want??
This Mom would like a really 
good old fashioned 

Thank you Everyone!
Hope you enjoy stitching
Ned and Jake


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Nancy in MT said...

I love the wools in my kit. I've watched the videos several times and they are excellent so I'm off to stitch the backgrounds. I'm looking forward to the Pen Wiper rug.

Have a great weekend,