Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Threads from Throw and Sample Rug Sale

Would anyone but Cee
unravel the throw shown
above to use as threads?
A recent find at my local
thrift shop yesterday.
I knew it was not wool but
could not resist bringing it
home with me.
This morning I unraveled
the threads, tested and
they are absolutely
perfect for my new kit!
They stitch very 'fuzzy'
and will be a perfect
shade for the new
Heart and Hands Kit
being released in a
few days.
Just remember to not
'fluff' your fabric in
the dryer before you
This was continued from my
last blog posting and
so I thought you may like to
see an actual piece I am using
for the thread.

I have also listed in my
a few of the sample rugs
from the previous month's kits.
A few have already sold as
I write this blog post.

And a few more..
I have decided to list my original
Ned and Jake as well.
A short posting today as the new
kits await stitching.
I absolutely love when the design
is done..the wool is dyed and
the stitching and finishing
brings a rug together!
Next blog post will introduce
the new kits.
My mailing list goes out first with
new items and this past month
a special listing only
available to my mailing list.
If you are not on my mailing list
please email me
and I will add to my list.
If you are on my list you
would have received a
mailing today.
Happy Stitching to All
I know it will be an
enjoyable few days for Cee!



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Farm Girl said...

I love when you post your pictures! How fun to have those threads to look at and to work with.