Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Heart'n Hands and the Fish Rug are Finally Ready!

Finally, the two new kits are finished!
It has been quite a struggle with the 
hands and fish rugs because
the rugs in my mind
are not how they eventually finished.

Colleen and I have a saying when
a rug gives us problems.
'The rug will tell you what it needs.'

They did but the Salmon played
tricks on me and the 
Heart'n Hands stayed silent for
two weeks!

Most designs I can actually 'see' the finished rug 
in my mind..just choosing the shades of wool
and tweaking patterns and sizes
mostly I have trouble with shades of wool.

I wanted aged red threads on antique black wool
for the Salmon.
The Salmon stayed silent until it was time
to stitch him and then of course..
The red string with salmon wool..
looked terrible!
Not to mention cutting and stitching large
tongues that also did not work!
I could have finished and completed
four rugs in the time it took to complete
this one!

The Heart'n Hands also stayed silent..
I stitched and then did the 10 foot rule
I removed and started over..
I actually stitched one hand three times!
I discovered I had the thumb pointing the wrong way.
I can't believe I removed that hand and 
stitched it on again with the thumb the wrong way!

My husband is a huge Star Trek fan.
As I was stitching the rug I really wanted
to do the fingers of one hand as Spock
had done with the Vulcan Salute.
Now that would have been an 
interesting story for the rug!

But I resisted.. and so 
the story of this rug is
dedicated to a wonderful
facebook group of early
artisans and craftspersons.

I am asked often why I do my rugs.
What makes me reproduce rugs and not
early quilts or other textiles..
I have a love of everything early in
the textile arts but the penny rugs
have my heart.
Words cannot explain but 
that feeling in my heart is 
worked with my hands.
I'm sure many feel the same way.

We collect and long for the homes of 
a hundred years.. to open the door and
step back in time surrounded by 
things our heart loves and 
possessions we cherish.

We just cannot explain to someone that 
lives with modern.  Lucky is the partner
that shares the love .. the leather recliner
and big screen tv can be a problem.

Suzanne Kizis has created a group on facebook
Many of the artisans chosen in the
Early American Life Directory 
are there as well as other very
talented artisans, collectors and 
those who understand the meaning

The love in our hearts of the old
we created with our hands.

Please check Suzanne's group
on facebook, we are almost
1000 strong with the love of
early American life and wares.

The fish rug too has a story.
This rug will go to my son, Lucas.

Growing up Lucas could not wait for fishing season.
I remember one year on opening day.. it snowed.
Lucas bundled up with his rod and reel, tackle box
snow boots and parka.. on his bicycle he goes to 
the favourite fishing hole.

Salmon fishing was a very important way of life
here on the Medway.
Most caught their yearly catch, betting who
would be first and second the weight.
Salmon planked suppers, fishermen in waders
watching the skill with the fly rods are a
part of history as our beautiful
Medway is now closed to salmon fishing.

This rug is for my son..
the only salmon he will catch from our 
Medway River and I hope
when he tells the story of the rug
it will be a few tall tales of 
growing up as a boy 
fishing on the 

Both kits are now listed 

I will not go into details of the kits as
they are in the listings.

The Heart'n Hands is a bit different for a kit
It is one 'we'.. you and I..
design together..
Change the design
Emblish with embroidery
Add your own dates and initials.. or not
Make it your own design
Your Heart to Your Hands

Quanties are very limited with these kits.
Due to the antique black backgrounds
 I can offer more than my usual number
of kits.

My mailing list went out yesterday and 
Heart'n Hands sold out over night.
I have added 6 more kits... 
after those are sold it will be a waiting list
only depending on the wool I have left for
the hearts and hands.

Thank you Everyone 
for reading my ramblings..
as always.. I wish you..

Happy Stitching!


Farm Girl said...

I always enjoy when you update. I love the stories behind each design.
I think the Vulcan hand would be wonderful. :)
Your choice of colors is just incredible.

Jeanne said...

I wish I had seen this post early.....I love the Heartn' Hands rug...wish I could have purchased one. Will you be making any more? ~Jeanne~

Anonymous said...

I just had to have your fish rug. I love it. Cant wait until it arrives!

Cindy Huxtable

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

Wonderful entry to your diary. Cee you are a wonderful rug maker, it is definitely what you're meant to do. Gorgeous rugs, they turned out so wonderful, even though they didn't want to talk!