Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Goodness!!!

My Goodness!!
Has it really been January since I've last blogged?

Much has happened since those Scrappy Log Cabin Kits.
My rugs have now become 'a family affair'.
Everyone is helping including my 
sweet four year old grandson

Avery has a new kit
Here Kitty Kitty
he is on commission
Avery gets 5.00 for every sale.

His Grampie cuts pennies and more pennies,
His Daddy is in charge of patterns
His Mommy is my assistant to 
whatever I need and
Nannie now has time to do what
I love, to design and stitch.
and so.. 
this is what has been happening
 since my last post.

The 'Corrie Penny Runner' is my newest kit.
I so enjoyed stitching this rug!  It is adapted from
a antique cushion recently sold on

My goal this year is to work on my stitching.
To have primitive stitches and 
this one is so very easy yet looks very prim.
It is a blanket stitch but reversed to show
the circle on the inside edge of the penny.

The construction is very similar to the
Scrappy Log Cabins.
The squares are pinned as the runner base,
basted and stitched with the 
herringbone stitch.
Pennies are then stitched 
in random sizes in the 
reverse blanket stitch.

The sawtooth border is amazingly simple.
Center the triangle to the square, pin, baste and
again do the herringbone stitch.
The triangles are finished in a blanket stitch.

The pennies could also be blanket stitched
if you choose the 
'not so messy' look to your runner.

Of course as you know..
every rug tells a story and to read the
story of 'Corrie' visit my listing in 

This year I will have several rugs to
teach a lesson on making penny rugs.

This is the first of the teaching rugs,
Flowers of Spring

The rug is constructed of only 
one inch circles with a stitch
exactly as the blanket stitch except
the needle always starts in the center 
of the circle instead of the edge 
of the penny.
Very easy and simple.

The 'Teaching Part' of this kit is 
how to choose shades of thread to
compliment the shades of wool in your rug.

Most rug use one shade and this too can be
deceiving especially light and dark thread.

I also will talk about the size of thread
how the stitch and shade changes the 
colours in your rug and ..
something I use in every rug I design.
The 10 foot rule

More information in my listing for this kit on

P.S.   I will be working on uploading videos over the weekend.

Yes I finally gave in and did it!!
I know many of you have admired this rug.
It is my Halifax Rug chosen by 
Early American Life 
to photograph in their magazine
the year I was chosen for their 
Artisans Directory.

Over 400 circles and many, many yards of 
my age dyed string, this is the 
largest rug I have stitched.

I have a few kits left but when those are gone..
this one is gone forever!!!
No going back because I only have enough
wool dyed for those pennies.
Each shade of the pennies had to be 
dyed separately and was so much work!!

The kits left are in 

Granted Kitty is taking quite a hug but 
could anyone resist that sweet face?

If Kitty could  talk..
what would she say..

Kitty is also listed in 

Yes there are now PATTERNS!

A bit different in format from the 
regular paper patterns
(would you expect normal from me?)
The patterns are full size and 
hand traced on freezer paper.
No printing, marking, enlarging..
iron to your wool
cut and start stitching your rug!

Old Favourites from years ago along with
last year's kit patterns. such as the 
Heart'n Hands
The Marriage Rug
The Colonial Basket
and more.. 

These will be available on and off throughout
this year and then retired.

Whew.. well that is about what is happening with
our family since the first of the year.

I'm so excited to be able to just 
design and stitch
well ..
it's not too bad that I am able to
 'boss everyone around'

and finally from 
Avery and Nannie

A big smile and ..


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